I found it - the dinette I've been looking for - and my love for it is indelible.

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I new thrift store, Community Threads, opened up last summer just around the corner from my apartment. On my first trip there, I scored a great old Schwinn Suburban for a song, an early edition of James and the Giant Peach, and a set of unique TV dinner trays (along with a smattering of clothing and books).

Selections from my initial haul:

I popped in yesterday and discovered all furniture was 30% off. Their furniture is more expensive than your average thrift store, but they are also more selective in what they sell. I have a feeling they don't get many donations from people cleaning out their garages. I have been wanting to replace my purple Ikea couch for some time and immediately fell upon two green velvet couches in the back.

One was pea green with crewel work pillows - very Anthro. Well...it could have been Anthro, it could have been chain-smoking shut-in. That line is blurry to me.

Crewel work on a back cushion.
The other one had a completely awesomesauce tufted back and curved sides. Unfortunately, it was also lime green. Had it been *any* other color, it would have come home with me. Actually, I am still trying to convince myself it wouldn't be a Friends coffee shoppe monstrosity. Why couldn't you just be be brown?!

Maybe I can make it work. No, I can't.
But then I saw it. In the back, by the kids stuff, was round formica dinette with matching chairs and center leaf.

I die.

Formica dinettes usually fall into one of three categories:
- irreparably damaged
- absurdly expensive
- not actually formica dinettes

These sets were not made to last, with their chrome hairpin legs and their vinyl seats. Most of the sets I see on Craigslist and other similar sites have ripped upholstery and scorched tops. Or they're some shitty 80s card table that has been misleadingly titled "50s ROCKABILLY FORMICA MIDCENTURY VINTAGE CHROME DINETTE AMAZING MUST SEE TO BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111".

Good sets usually turn up at vintage markets, where the price is marked up to include time the dealer spent on finding only the best items. This practice, in and of itself, I don't have a problem with - but there is an ever-present voice in my head saying, "Psssh. You can find that yourself if you look hard enough."

And I did find it myself:

The ladies who work at C.T. are all very personable and seem to enjoy working there. They said I seemed like the type of person who would pick this sort of thing out and were excited for me to have found it, which was nice :) I still have to shine up some of the chrome on the chairs, but it is now happily installed in my apartment:

The perfect size.

The vinyl is in great condition.

Understated faux bois.

Your Sister in Craft,


January 08, 2012

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  1. That James and the Giant Peach book is great. I like the vinyl on your table too. Yay for finding great things second-hand!

    Stopping by from the etsy blog team.

  2. Thanks! I actually gave that book to my niece.

  3. Nice table and chairs, looks like it was made for your room, fits in really well. I like that wallpaper on your wall. You have good taste.

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