Quick Dining Chair Before & After

I had been meaning to to replace my dining room chairs for some time. My filler chairs were in this heinous black and cherry farm style, and uncomfortable to boot. Though I kept an eye out for suitable ones while thrifting, I never found any that blew my skirt up as-is.

I've recently been obsessed with caning on furniture (think: the backs of old-timey wheel chairs, Louis XVI headboards, vacation home furniture) and found an orphan pair of cane-backed chairs at Goodwill. They aren't anything spectacular, but not everything has to be. They have a nice shape and are comfortable, and don't stick out like my old awful farmhouse ones. Besides, the price was right at $6.99.

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They were in serious need of reupholstering, though. Just look at those stains. How does that even happen??
When I pried up the old staples I found the foam pads to be in perfect condition. I re-covered them with a red and white cane-patterned fabric I got on clearance at Jo-Ann Fabrics.
I used 5/8th inch carpet staples to secure the fabric and just screwed the seats back on to the frames. I was kicking around the idea of refinishing them, but I don't really mind the color.

An hour and ten bucks is a small price to pay for not feeling a hateful lurch in my stomach each time I look at my dining nook. I am super pleased and super comfortable at meal time!

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September 13, 2011

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  1. Dan says:

    I like the pattern of the new upholstered charis!

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