There, I fixed it.

Today is the last day of my staycation. I spent a blissful week and a half making things, seeing friends, and sleeping in. I got to crack open beers before noon and play Mike Tyson's Punch-Out on my NES (which, in retrospect, was a preeety racist game - observe Piston Honda's dialogue screen).
Perhaps the most satisfying part of my time off was spending the first few days repainting, moving things around, and generally nesting.

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For example, remember that time I painted my living room pink? Remember what a mistake that was? Here's a reminder:
Heinous. The very first thing I did during my time off was fix that.

I've been loving all the bright white apartments Design*Sponge and similar sites have been showing and, though simple is not the first adjective I would use to describe myself, I thought it might make my cozy place look a little larger.

Hillary Petrie's Place
Elias & Theresa of Orange Juice Etc.

I started by painting all the pink and grey bits white:

You are correct - those are both Decemberists posters.

I originally painted the sofa wall white as well, but it made me feel like I was in a newly-painted dorm room. I used a lovely shade of green from one of my Audubon prints for an accent wall.

The American Magpie:

The Accent Wall:

I love it. It's worn and soothing, and doesn't clash (much) with my purple couch.

I also made some new pillows and changed out the end tables with a great pair of tiered mid century ones I found at the Salvation Army.

It's amazing what some paint and a few end tables can do for your sense of well-being. I suppose this is how some women feel after a day at the spa. Beginning my staycation with such a change got me into that DIY mindset that safeguarded me from spending 11 days parked on my couch, re-watching Six Feet Under.

Your Sister in Craft,


August 23, 2011

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