My love can't be contained.

Scrimshaw Plate Set

Design*Sponge let me know Thomas Paul is debuting a new line of bedding in the fall, which reminds me of the intense love I have for everything Thomas Paul does.

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A little about TP (those initials are tough...we won't do that again), courtesy of his website:

Thomas Paul was born and raised in New York City. He got his start in the fashion business working as an intern at DKNY in the mid-nineties after graduating from New York's Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in textile design. While working as a colorist and designer for a silk mill specializing in neckwear and scarves, he worked on neckwear collections for such designers as Bill Blass, Calvin Klein, and DKNY. This eventually led to the creation of his own neckwear collection, the short-lived digities in the late 90's. From this was born the start of the thomaspaul pillow collection, launched in 2001, which was originally conceived of as an idea of utilizing the silk printing mill's capabilities for home accessories instead of personal accessories. Since then the line has steadily expanded into other categories apart from silk pillows to include tabletop, stationery, and lamp shades. The ultimate goal being to have products covering every aspect of the home, all with thomaspaul patterns gracing them.

You may recognize some of his fabric from the obscenely priced furniture and accents at Anthro you lust after, like this:

Zinnia Stalk Pillow
This pillow is plainly gorgeous. Sure, it's in style to take unlicensed imagery and print it on every conceivable surface, but he wields it with a restraint that perfectly skates the line between whimsy and elegance. 

Perhaps what I love most about Thomas Paul is that his pattern design is so strong that he doesn't have to compensate by complicating the bones of the thing he puts his pattern on. This means that his pieces are unique but still versatile. They have such an unobtrusive style that you can put one most places, but they'll still have a strong presence.
Botany Ceiling Lamp
Buds Rug
Dandelion Rug
Melamine Tray
Zed Green Tree Pendant Lamp
Toy Pillows

Sadly, the only Thomas Paul item I own is this Ornithology paper mouse pad.
Ornithology Mousepad
That might change.

A recent fruit of my thrifting habit is this floral settee, which I got off of Craigslist for a cool $50. It has great bones and is in excellent condition, but the nubby, carpet-like fabric has got to go. Stella and Grayson think it is a big scratching post, so reupholstery needs to happen sooner rather than later.

I see this as a great opportunity to learn how to reupholster. It's a simple enough shape, and I have an electric stapler, somewhere, so why not? I'd love to get some Thomas Paul fabric for the project.

Some options:

I sort of love the tree fabric. What do we think?
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July 29, 2011

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