I've made a huge mistake.

When I first moved into my apartment I painted some of the walls more hastily than others because of waning time and interest.

An Example: After having some success with the birch wall stencil in my breakfast nook, I decided to also use it on the wall my couch is on. The couch wall is considerably larger than the nook wall and I lost interest 1/3 of the way in.

Successful nook:

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Unsuccessful couch wall:
Another example: I painted my miscellaneous hallway-like walls red. This decision in and of itself wasn't bad; what was bad was that I didn't pay attention when I got the paint mixed. I ended up bringing home accent paint instead of regular wall paint. 

Accent paint is broth-like and completely useless when you're trying to cover whole walls. I gave up after three coats.

Brothy, spotty red paint:
I just got done helping out on a nursery in which the most adorable shade of pink was used (Martha Stewart, of course). 
There was a whole can left over. I've seen so many successful adult pink rooms lately that I thought this would be a great opportunity to repaint. I also reasoned that painting over the red now would make it easier to go back to white when I eventually move out. 

Good pink rooms:
I spent the better portion of Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning repainting the couch wall and half of the misc. walls. When I was finally all done I carefully peeled off the blue tape, cleaned up the excess paint, sat back...and decided I hated it. How could it look so old-timey and elegant in the nursery and so Laura Ashley circa 1986 in my living room?

Clashy clash clash clasherson:
I tried moving some decorations around, hoping the awful was not awful but just a symptom of adjustment. 
It wasn't.

Now, instead of having a couple of spotty but tolerable red walls and a band of stencil, I have a Dynasty living room and a random red wall right in the middle.  
Even Stella disagreed with my choice. This is her judging face:
I'll just need to put on my big-girl pants and sacrifice another weekend of beautiful weather to re-repaint. 

I suppose the lesson here is:
You can't win them all.
You learn from your mistakes, not your successes.
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.
They sell sample-sized paints for a reason. Buy some, next time.


May 22, 2011

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