Inspiration is funny.

I hesitated naming this post what I did because I think that the importance people place on the loss or gain of inspiration is, more or less, horseshit. I've used "lack of inspiration" as a euphemism for laziness countless times. You have, too.

Cary S. Leibowitz, I’m Sick of Making Art / Get Up You Lazy Bum, 2005

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I decided to enter The Sketchbook Project not so much for inspiration as much as for exercise. The Sketchbook Project is a yearly traveling exhibition wherein participants choose a theme from a pre-determined list, sign up, and get a Moleskine sketchbook to fill with whatever they want to within that theme. The books have bar codes on the back because the exhibition works like a library, allowing visitors to check out sketchbooks to look at. 
Here is the website: The Sketchbook Project
My theme is Capture the Flag. I have been interested in banners, lately, and though this would be a good place to go nutty with banners. My little packet:
Of course now that I've got my sketchbook in hand and a January 15th deadline, I feel a sincere need to work diligently on something else...anything else. These teeny tiny bass frames have been hanging out in a drawer for months:
I painted the insides with white acrylic in preparation for small vignettes, or animal portraits, or Lover's Eyes. Maybe I'll suspend them in bell jars like relics. All I know is that this deadline has inspired me to work on anything that is not the sketchbook.

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December 07, 2010

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Oh procrastination.. I know thee well.

    Sometimes I even putting off doing fun stuff if I have nothing important to put off.

    Read a book? no.. i better lie on the floor with my cat for another half hour.

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