Tiny Foods and Art

I work with quite a few potluck enthusiasts. I get bashful, though, whenever we have these sorts of celebrations because my cooking skills are...unimpressive. After a few half-hearted attempts the only thing I've learned is this single nugget of wisdom: Choose your battles. I figure what I lack in accurate measurements and cooking times, I make up for in presentation.

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Cupcakes appeal to me because they cook quickly and are small. I can kick things off with a few bastards without running out of time or supplies.
I bought enough mix for 48 cupcakes. About 30 made it out alive. I didn't realize the two kinds I bought had different instructions. Derp. The only part I was really interested in was the decoration, anyway. I got various frostings and sprinkles and tips. I even made little flags to go on top:
I tried to get fancy by putting the strawberry frosting in a baggie and cutting the tip to make a piping bag. I went out and bought a stand to put them on. I don't have a food processor or matching tupperwear but I DO have a cupcake stand.

Unrelated: I know a few weeks ago I declared every Wednesday to be ATC Wednesday (read: You got me. I am an unreliable person). This is not an ATC, but it is tiny:
The frame was part of a wall hanging of dimestore vignettes pasted on cardboard. I drew the bug and covered it with butter paper.
I'll post again, soon. I hope not sporadically.

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November 03, 2010

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  1. awb says:

    You're back!! :) Cupcakes look beautiful. I love cupcakes too, but I don't think I have ever made any... so I pretty much like eating them :)

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