The power of craft compels you!

I make things; I always have.  I take pride in figuring out how things are made and I like to look at things other people have made. Making is a pretty simple concept and it covers a lot of ground, but one quality nearly everything that is made (made by an individual, anyway) shares is honesty. Nobody is forcing you learn how to quilt or refurbish your dresser and, if you fail, you're not under any obligation to broadcast it to the wider public. People make things because they want to and it makes them happy to try.

The thing about DIY is that you don't have to be original, or skillful, or hip, or even fully know what you're doing; You just have to be honest. I hope this blog turns out to be an all-kids bin of interesting concepts and honest tries, by myself and other makers. 

This will (hopefully) be the only time I pontificate on the varied qualities of DIY. Introductions are hard and usually lean toward sanctimony, but I hope you can forgive me a little inaugural sermon and come back, soon.

Your Sister in Craft,


October 10, 2010

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