Lazy Sunday

Today is lazy. 
Here are a few things to look at whenever you wake up:

Wall sconce. 
I made those pillows. 
This is a chandelier in the shape of a ship. I am certain that this is the best chandelier known to man. A while ago I went bananas collecting chandelier crystals to use in necklaces and I have ziploc bags full of extras. I am considering trying to make a version of this myself. 

I figure I would need the following:
- chandelier crystals (check)
- 12 gauge galvanized steel wire (check)
- some sort of electrical tubing
- Rubber mallet for shaping tubing (check)
- soldering gun
- candelabra bulbs (check)
- hanging light kit

I am not usually a proponent of directly copying something like this, but I'd make an exception here because a) I am not intending to make several copies to sell for profit, b) this lamp was mass-produced, so by making this I am not refusing my support to an artist who needs it, and c) I am not about to drop $600 on a chandelier, however awesome it may be.

Stay tuned. I am pretty jazzed about this idea.

Your Sister in Craft,


October 17, 2010

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