Breakfast Nook Makeover feat. birds, trees, & kittehs

I moved out of a shoebox-sized apartment a few weeks ago. I got the keys to the new place on a Wednesday and my brother and a friend were set to come the following Saturday morning to move all the big stuff.

What LB should have done: Boxed up and moved all small items including, but not limited to, clothing, shoes, kitchenware, linens, end tables, bathroom stuff, art stuff, hanging frames, lamps, and books.

What LB did: Spent three days painting rooms, getting her studio squared away, and getting all clothing on wooden hangers.

I guess I didn't realize the miscellany one person could pack into a 400-some square foot space - I am sure Brian and Dan wish I had. Consider this my formal apology, guys. I guess I was just too excited to move to a place I could paint and arrange and otherwise decorate to focus on any rational packing schedule. 

Anyway, observe the breakfast area as it was when I moved in:

Pretty standard. A few weeks prior I had ordered a birch wall stencil from an awesome fellow Etsian, Cutting Edge Stencils (go visit her, here: Here's a photo of it from her store: 
It took some time, but it was worth it. Here is Stella Artois hanging out in front of my freshly-birched wall:
Q: What hangs out in trees?
A: Birds, of course!
I've wanted an antique birdcage ever since I saw one that was turned into a light fixture, but they're popular right now and, consequently, overpriced. I looked around on Craigslist one day and found what is possibly the best find ever: an affordable antique birdcage in the shape of a painted lady. Here it is at my parents' house in the process of getting de-pooped:
Bonus:  It reminds me of the Holiday House from The Thief of Always:
Once that was all cleaned off and disinfected, we moved my kitchen table in and I had someplace to have breakfast!
I know I shouldn't let them on the table, but Dick Grayson is a *skoach* too chubby to to make it to the window ledge. 
I thrift pretty often and found a portfolio of bird prints at Goodwill. I framed and gridded some of them to go with the cage:
 Finally, a house that grand shouldn't be left unoccupied:
Al in all, I am pleased.
I welcome any of you who are itching to tell me about your redecorating to leave a link!

Your Sister in Craft,


October 11, 2010

5 responses to Breakfast Nook Makeover feat. birds, trees, & kittehs

  1. awb says:

    I love everything you did!

  2. Meghan says:

    The bird prints are the most.

  3. Linds you stay creative and I am always amazed! I LOVE what you did with your new space!

  4. Thanks, guys! I'm glad you like it.

  5. Dan says:

    I accept your apology. :-) Now I need to come by and see the finished apartment.

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